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10 October
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NAME! うずまき ナルト
AGE! 22.
DOB! 10/10
OCCUPATION! Ex-model, ex-fashion designer, ex-singer. Current CEO of Konoha Fashionistas and part-time film and stage actor.
BIO! You want energy, enthusiasm, and all-around raucousness? You got it. With spasticness to match lightning and a vocabulary dirty enough to make milk sour, Naruto's place at the top of the Japanese fashion industry is often under tough scrutiny by critics. But for all his optimistic realism, Naruto's opinions are never understated. And if they're opinions of your clothing line, you better watch out. Naruto is never without his trusty pair of cell phones, nor is he ever without connections in very high places, and that could easily make or break you.
PLAYER! the_lady_lamb
PB! Ruki of The GazettE.

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Never despise fashion. It's what we have instead of God.
-- Malcolm Bradbury